Welcome to Black Monday, we are a creative design studio that specialises in working with central and local government, private and public sectors, non-profits, and charities. Our focus is on creating and building brands, digital products, and services that revolve around the people who use them.

Our passion for design drives us to embrace the challenges of a constantly evolving discipline. We aim to break stereotypes and create thought-provoking designs that leave a lasting impression.

For nearly a decade we have focused on partnering with public sector clients to create designs that are both useful and playful, evolving quickly and efficiently. We value action over words and work to get tangible results in front of key people, such as users, product owners, and stakeholders, early in the design process. This approach enables us to iterate quickly, reduce risk, and foster a culture of consistent evolution for our clients whilst creating great experiences for a wide variety of people.

At Black Monday, we believe that design should be both functional and beautiful, and we strive to bring that ethos to every project we undertake.

We help your good work, work better.

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Our values

Keep it simple, do it well

Be better, not bigger

Always be tinkering

Be adventurous

Be open, share ideas and resources

Make friends and collaborate


Make stuff to change the world (even just a little bit)

Why the name ‘Black Monday’?

When you mix together every colour, you get black – the most inclusive colour.

Monday is the start of a new week – it’s a new beginning where anything is possible.


Black Monday
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