Brand identity, Digital Design, Graphic Design, Exhibition Design, User Experience

Newtongrads came to Black Monday seeking help with branding and developing their new and innovative graduate exhibition focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

During the initial phases of this partnership, it was quickly realised that STEM is traditionally seen as a male dominated space. We didn't agree with this limited view and Newtongrads agreed. We worked with them to shift the focus to be gender-inclusive with a focus on including everyone, not just males, how exciting and rewarding STEM is.

For the brand there was a focus on strong, bold iconography with a simple colour palette and large bold imagery to reflect the gender-inclusive nature. This continues to evolve and be one of the most distinct and strong brands in STEM.

From the online experience and print materials, to creating and managing the event spaces, to working closely with Newtongrads as well as their partners and exhibitors — Black Monday is proud to be partnered with such a socialy conscious and connected organistion.